This is one of the new parks established in 2019, it is found in Kagera region Kyerwa district. It is in this park where the three countries of Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda boarders’ meet. The park is rich in wildlife attractions and sunrise and sunset are easily seen. Kagera river is the main source of water for this park and nourishes its rich resources. Leopard, Hippos, Roan antelopes, Buffalo and many more are found in this park

What to see

The national park is located in the Kagera region and has an area of 200 square kilometres (77 sq mi). Animals found in this national park include hippos, antelopes,Thomson gazelles, impalas, elands, and baboons. The park can be reached by flight from Dar es Salaam Airport to Bukoba Airport and then by road from Bukoba town to the park.[1]