Become Our Travel Agent In Your Country

Become our travel agent by promoting our tour packages and earn a top commission for every successful tourist travel to Tanzania. We are looking for travel Agents, B2B Agents, DMC Tourism companies, and Freelancers who can sell our Tanzania Safari Packages.

Benefits Of Working With Us:

  1. Working with a leading tourism company in Africa.
  2. Earn top-end commission on every successful client who books for a tour.
  3. Free tours (travel to Tanzania for free with Idyll Experience).
  4. Establishing a working relationship with us puts you in line for a permanent job position. Would you consider marketing our tours/itineraries on your website or social media? We can work with your established fee structure, or on a commission/markup basis. If interested, please fill this form.
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How does this work?

  1. Promote our tourism package/event/itinerary via social media, blogs, forums, events, person to person, person to many, or any other convenient method.
  2. Engage a potential client about a specific tourism package.
  3. Contact us about the specific client and introduce us to the client.
  4. You create and put up displays at trade shows happening in your country.
  5. Clients can contact you through your website (with a message, inquiry or reservation) or social media platform where tourism packages are promoted.
  6. When the client makes a bank payment, you receive your commission from the total tourism package/event/itinerary pricing. Your commission will be sent either via Bank or Western Union, etc. We shall ask for your preferred method to receive your commission via email. Note; we pay you to commission only for clients who book with us through you for a safari/trip.
  7. If you choose to have tour itineraries (tourism packages) with net prices, then you will add your own mark-up thus that will be your pay.

Our Responsibilities

  1. To provide you with high-quality tour itineraries with net prices, then you are expected to add your own mark-up.
  2. Gracias Tanzania Safaris takes care of materials, photos, and all the necessary information concerning the travel services.
  3. To tailor-make itineraries that are custom-designed to suit the client’s requirements so that the client (s) is able to explore at his/her own pace, choose his/her own style of accommodation, and include his/her own choice of sightseeing and activities.
  4. Gracias Tanzania Safaris will make alternative arrangements for customers who have had their trips interrupted by unforeseen issues.
  5. To avail you with general and specific advice about different travel destinations.
  6. Gracias Tanzania Safaris makes arrangements for transport, accommodation, tours, and activities.